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 University of Twente

Since October 2022 I have a contract with StudioKLAES with the University of Twente for the general photography and photography promotions and inaugural lectures. The campus offers many possibilities and photogenic photo locations and vibrant events. Below is an impression and overview of assignments that I can and may provide for you within the University of Twente and I explain my working method.

Portrait photography of your team, department or faculty

It is possible to have professional profile photos taken of your team. We will then schedule a date for me to visit you at your location within the university. That day I build up a studio setup with flashes and background, you then get a series of portraits that are photographed in the same style and are very suitable for use on, for example, the university portal, but also excellent for LinkedIN or for use in  research presentations.

_98A9905 kopiëren.jpg
portfolio2021klaes1 (3).jpg

Promotions and


"Promotions and inaugural lectures are unique moments that are great to photograph and always produce striking images!"


Portraits on and around campus! 
For the invitation of your inaugural lecture, press release, newsletter or website!




Event photography

Whether it concerns your conference, symposium, student event or graduation ceremony: StudioKLAES feels like a fish in water at your event and is happy to take care of the photography for you or your faculty. Studioklaes is a specialist in capturing atmosphere, context and story, and the combination of these three parameters produces photogenic and usable material that you and the visitors of your event can look back on with great pleasure. 

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