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"Last year, in my studio in Zwolle, I developed my own unique workflow and technique for family and group portraits. In this technique, everyone is photographed individually and in post-processing, forged into one stylish and timeless family portrait. A unique concept and process!"


Art on your family's wall!

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familieportret Puntii kopiëren-SHersteld kopiëren

"We are very happy with the family photo Klaas-Jelmer of my family created, everyone has now hung the family portrait on their wall at home, we are proud of it, it is a class separateM. Spike.


A portrait with style!

"The StudioKLÆS workflow for family portraits is unique and the workflow offers a lot of possibilities and benefits!"

The advantages of this process for group portraits are:

-That the photo gets a stylish, artistic and timeless look.
-That I can highlight everyone perfectly with this technique
- That everyone is captured in a flattering pose. I bring out your best qualities in a strong composition.
- You get a photo that is super sharp in an extremely high resolution that you can possibly make a huge enlargement of (billboard format and even larger!)
- You get an individual photo per family member in the same artistic style as a bonus

Family portrait costs: from €450,- ex. VAT.


You can have a family portrait made from €450 ex. VAT.  The costs are €95 per person and the starting price is €450 ex. VAT. Large groups receive a discount. Individually, each portrayed also a separate adaptation of his portrait.

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