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I have just returned from Northern Sweden, where I had a fantastic time with my girlfriend and our dog Pip.


Pip is now almost 14 years old. Normally we go on holiday to Italy and Slovenia, but because of the extreme temperatures and because Pip's tolerance to this is getting worse, we were forced to travel north. In total we drove almost 7000 (!) kilometers by car and stayed in various hunter's huts and stugas in the mountains and on beautiful lakes. Lapland leaves us wanting more and we are already making new plans. In any case, our trip produced beautiful photos and cool memories!


In-house photographer at the UT for a year

When I returned I immediately had a great assignment: photographing the storming of the Bastille for U-today. 


 This event is a kind of hazing ritual for first-year students at the UT, where they crawl and clamber, covered in dirt and exhaustion, and complete an obstacle course. The report has produced sensational images.


With this assignment I have been employed by the UT for almost 1 year. I previously photographed the same event as part of the tender process when I applied for the position of in-house photographer.


Campus Magazine

Have you spotted the new campus Magazine from the University of Twente yet? At the end of June I had Solar Team Twente in front of my lens and I was allowed to shoot the cover of the magazine for U-today! A super cool assignment and an honor that my photo appears on the cover of the magazine. I also shot a number of photos for the magazine itself.

Landing page and multilingual support on

For the University of Twente I work with people of various nationalities. A website only in Dutch is no longer appropriate. That's why I made my website bilingual. To provide a smooth experience for my customers, all pages are now also available in English! You can easily switch languages by clicking on the button at the top left of the page.


The University of Twente, as an important customer of my services, has also received its own landing page on my website. You can do this onehere find.


In the meantime, the photo sessions in my studio in Zwolle continue as usual.


In my studio I create the characteristic portraits of StudioKLAES: painterly, stately, chic, and with a touch  of the old masters. Over the past year, the demand for "the family portrait" has increased. Something that really lies in my expertise and that I really enjoy doing! You can read more about thishere.



In the near future I will be able to provide quite a few candidates with photography during their promotion!


I'm really looking forward to providing the prospective doctors with cool images of this special moment! You can find information about my working method for promotionshere.



Did you know that the late summer months are perfect for having beautiful portraits taken? People look rested after the summer holidays and still have a nice tan from the summer holidays! The light is also at its best in autumn!

If you need beautiful portraits on campus or in the studio, don't hesitatecontactt to record!

Album Bertolf

Two weeks ago Bertolf's new album "Bluefinger" was released. I shot the cover photo for this new album in my studio in Zwolle months ago, and now I can finally share this photo with you! What do you think about it?


Bertolf has also released three singles with a photo of my hand on the front. I am very proud of this!


Ice sculpture festival

After 12 years of being a proud collaboration partner of the Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival, it seems that another wonderful edition of the Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival is coming this winter, to which StudioKLAEs can make a great contribution!


IIn previous editions, StudioKLAES provided photography workshops for CameraNu, photography for magazines and advertisements, banners, group photos, footage for various TV programs, social media content, TV commercials, aftermovie, and YouTube trailers at this festival!

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