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"Would you like to work in a professional photo studio for a day? You are very welcome, I'll provide coffee and tea! Would you like me to illuminate professionally for you? That is also possible!"

StudioKLÆS has a large studio space of approximately 1600m2. The possibilities are endless. The studio, which can be darkened in its entirety, is equipped with great features such as:

-Very much workspace

-Very high ceilings. (+/- 8 meters high)

-Multiple background screens

-Different colors of background paper rolls

-V-flats and partitions

-Various studio heads (elinchrom)

-Various light modifiers including.


Elinchrom 1.90m litemotiv van

1.20m litemotiv Elinchrom

beauty dish Elinchrom 70cm (with Grid)

beauty dish Elinchrom with grid 40 cm

Octa box 1.00 meters

Small soft boxes




The rental price of the studio is €37.50 per hour, which includes two flashes with standard softboxes. Other equipment can be rented at additional cost.

If you are interested, send a message via theContact Form.

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