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PhD defenses and inaugural lectures

I enjoy photographing ceremonies such as promotions and orations. My goal is to capture the story completely and beautifully, with the emphasis on the candidate.

With every report everything revolves around the candidate.


I capture their emotions, joy and pride in achieving this milestone. But I go further than that. I also take overview photos of the room, so that everyone present can be clearly seen. Close-ups of the guests and moments of interaction between the candidate and the committee are important elements of my work. Even when the committee withdraws, I remain alert for valuable moments of interaction.

My reports on promotions include various moments, such as:

  • The preparation of the candidate with the paranymphs.

  • Instructions and guidance from the beadle.

  • Accompaniment of the beadle with the candidate and paranymphs to the hall.

  • The entrance of the committee into the room.

  • A group photo prior to the defense, with paranymphs and beadle.

  • The layman's talk.

  • The defense itself.

  • Atmospheric images in the room when the committee withdraws.

  • The graduation ceremony and laudatio (official photo moment).

  • The candidate with the diploma.

  • Group photos with the committee, promoters and possibly paranymphs and family.

  • The drinks and congratulations.

  • The moment when the signature is placed on the wall, followed by a final group photo with paranymphs and the candidate at the signature.

Within 40 working hours (1 working week) I will make the photo album, in high resolution, available on my website in a secure environment. You will receive a selection of 100 to 250 photos, depending on various factors, including the candidate's expression and the conditions on the day itself. 

The relevant faculty will cover the costs for the photography, and there will be no costs associated with the candidate. Photography is provided during the entire promotion ceremony, including from the moment up to and including the first 10 minutes of the drinks (provided the drinks are in the fan and following the promotion).

If there are additional wishes regarding the photography of the promotion, these costs will be borne by the candidate and will be arranged directly with me. It is essential that such additional requests are communicated in a timely manner and availability on that day will depend on my schedule.

I report to the candidate about an hour in advance for the promotion. I then make preparations and start photographing the preparations of the candidate and paranymphs.

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