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Studioklaes worked for various clients. A selection of previous clients: 


Custom Cruisers, Drukkerij van Dijk Meppel  University of Twente, University of Groningen, University of Utrecht, University of Ghent. Medical Informatics Congress, ARPH (Association for Researchers in Psychology and Health) NTvP (Dutch Association for Psychotrauma) Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival. Publisher Lannoo, Doe Eens Crazy, FPC dr. S. van Mesdag, University of Amsterdam, Gim Summit International. 4TU Center Resilience Engineering. Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. Music School Zwolle.


An exceptionally skilled and also very nice professional photographer!


Pleasant personality, who put me in the right pose with very simple but very effective instructions.


Ensured that after 2 hours the energy was still present. The results of the photo session are astounding ("paintings by Rembrandt pale in comparison").


As a conference photographer, he seems to have an equally excellent track record. Therefore, highly recommended! 

— Maurits Hoefnagels, Founder and owner at Close to Customer / Consultancy

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