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Klaas Jelmer Sixma


university of Twente 

"StudioKLÆS,  in-house photographer of the University of Twente, captures the essence of this vibrant academic community in images. For a look at my portfolio and a deeper insight into my working method within the UT, click on the button below. Let the images speak and discover how my lens brings the stories of the university to life."

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The family portrait: "Have your family become a lasting work of art!"

At StudioKLAES you can go forfamily portraitsand family shoots. If you do it then, of course you want to do it right. With the unique working method of StudioKLAES you do not get a boring dime a dozen portraits, but a custom work of art: picturesque, stately, timeless and chic.

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"Are you looking for an experienced portrait photographer in Zwolle? Portrait photography has many nuances and forms. During an exploratory meeting, we would like to take the time to discuss your specific preferences. This concerns the desired appearance of the photos, the lighting, the atmosphere, and if desired, make-up and styling.

It is very important to me that when you are in front of the camera, you are captured in a flattering, comfortable, but also powerful way.


The photo session usually takes place in my professional photo studio, located in Zwolle, near the center. In my studio I have all the necessary facilities to create meaningful portraits. Together we work on images that let your personality and strength shine."

"Portrait photos and photo shoots: what are your wishes?"

"I like to work in the border area of commercial and artistic. This combination ensures photographythat really stand out.


This synergy can be used in various degrees. Perhaps there is a need for an image that has a more commercial slant because of your position, or perhaps you cherish the desire to have beautiful art portraits of your children, relatives or employees hanging on your wall!

My approach is flexible and fully tailored to your needs. I am happy to adapt to your wishes and offer tailor-made portrait photography that meets all your expectations."

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"Striking photos and art portraits!"

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Portrait Photography in the Studio

I prefer to work from my photo studio.In the photo studio I have a large arsenal of equipment, including very large onesspeed cameras and light modifiers that are very difficult to use on location.


The benefits of working from thephoto studio is that I can completely determine the mood of the photos myself, that I can build the lighting setups in advance, and that I have a huge studio of more than 1000 m2 that is perfect in all aspects and features for portrait photography.

The photo studio can also be rented on request and under supervision

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Portret op locatie. Ziggo werknemers, buiten aan aan het werk. Flitslicht, portretfotografie op locatie.

"Photo shoots on  location  are also possible"

Photo shoot at your location

"Perhaps you already have a certain place in mind where you want the photo session to take place, such as your company location or work environment. A photo shoot on location is also possible. Think of natural settings, industrial sites, offices or your own business environment. it's a studio-like setting, but you can't come to my photo studio, don't worry, I have a mobile photo studio that I can set up on site.

This option is especially useful for photo shoots with your company staff, where everyone is already on location. I will then bring my mobile photo studio to you, making the process easier for everyone."

"A high-quality LinkedIn profile photo, also known as a headshot, contributes significantly to a good first impression. In these digital times, our first meeting is often online: customers and acquaintances find us through social media, our website or LinkedIn. The first meeting usually takes place post via our profile photo, which is immediately judged, because if your photo does not come across as reliable, professional or sympathetic, this can lead to fewer customers.

During the photo session I take plenty of time for you and I make sure you feel at ease. In my studio I often work with music in the background. We create a relaxed and informal atmosphere, and this translates into the photos we take together!"

profielfoto, headshot, LinkedIn profielfoto, close-up, vrouw, 45 jaar, secretaresse van Utwente

"We work from a relaxed and informal atmosphere, and you can see that in the photos!"

LinkedIn profile pictures and headshots for socials.

"Of course, business portrait photos can also be captured on location. I'd be happy to come to you, wherever that is, throughout the Netherlands. Whether it's outside, in a picturesque park, forest, urban environment or nature reserve, or inside a building , the possibilities are varied and inspiring. Together we find the ideal location that contributes to the appearance you want for your business portrait."

bedrijfslocatie, shootlocatie, bedrijfspanden, wolkenkrabbers

Business portrait at your location

Portrait of your family members, children or pets

"I value my own artistic vision and style, which are at the heart of my work.


In line with this commitment to my artistic expression, I strive to create portraits that are timeless and artistic at the same time. My work goes beyond capturing moments; it is a visual interpretation that translates into an art form. By playing with light, shadow and composition, I build stories that bear my personal signature.


Within this context I also offer the opportunity for individual portraits of dear family members, relatives and beloved pets. If you are looking for portraits that go off the beaten track and tell a story of their own, I am ready to bring this art form to life for you. Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss how I can integrate my artistic touch into your portraits."

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