KLÆS PHLOGS! (Photo Weblog)


My latest art project: "5 dark stories, 5 dark studies of the human mind."

In this series, I created 5 dramatic and intense stories through the use of photography. My photographs represent frozen moments in time, where characters perform dark roles in one-frame movies. The shots emerged from larger narratives, and the frames are shot in between the action, resulting in an atmosphere of suspense and curiosity in the photographs. To add to the atmosphere, I used dramatic light to further the suspense. To keep it as simple and three dimensional as possible, I used only one light in all the shots - intentionally capturing real three dimensional people, and their real emotions.

What part of a movie is the most exciting and has the most tension? It is the hinge - the in-between place where atmospheric tension is, such that even while nothing happens, it is still absolutely necessary in order to build up the suspense.

In this project, my subjects have almost no expression. I positioned the characters with their shoulders towards me, to create a static representation to emphasize the tension within the subjects. By minimizing expression, the emotional states of my characters become more mysterious and less obvious. However, through the character narratives, delicate and subtle emotions still emerge, adding to the atmosphere and the narrative of each image.

Our minds are immediately curious about the tension that is brought on by the characters’ actions and thoughts. This project also is about the impact of expression in relation to the human mind. We like to try to control the way others see us by the clothes we wear, music we listen to, and through staged social media re-posts. However, many times our micro-expressions can contradict what we project to others, revealing the truth about who we really are rather than what we try to portray.