About Klæs

Photography allows you to immortalize things that will never come back. The things you capture, are irrevocably gone forever: photography is a tribute to the moment. I capture my affection for the things around me, the people and things I love, but also the caprices and contrasts life brings along and that makes it interesting.

In a world of chaos, I am searching for order and peace and I find that when I have created a wow picture, where everything comes together. For me this is the perfect way to ease my slightly neurotic but creative mind.

I always want to do something new and deviate from what is usual in a special way. There already is so much standard dime-a-dozen schlock, for God’s sake let’s create something original for a change! In my work I am looking for dreamy and dark atmospheres. I am looking for emotions like stillness, serenity and capriciousness. I like to evoke a mysterious ambience in which the story is not immediately clear, but the atmosphere of the picture gets you thinking.

I am looking for adventure and adrenaline. I want to see amazing things, visit places that breathe nothing but atmosphere. When I look back through my portfolio, I see a chronicle of my personal journey of adventure so far and I would like to invite the viewer of my pictures along on my journey!